The Celestyal Stories of Greek Hospitality

2016 Themed Cruises

Having taken under consideration our guests’ feedback, we conducted a sweeping revitalization of the on board cruise experience underpinned by the well-known Greek hospitality that represents our major value. The previously existing concept of themed events evolved to a whole new, holistic dimension. An entire cruise revolved around a particular theme, stories about Greece, the “Celestyal Stories of Greek Hospitality”. The season had been divided up into three-month periods, each dedicated to bringing to life a specific brand pillar: culture, entertainment and enogastronomy.


After receiving our guests’ positive feedback, we enriched their cruising experience through a series of themed cruises based on Greek Culture, the “Stories of Greek Culture & Heritage”. The Minoan Civilisation, The Olympic Games, Greek Mythology and Ancient Greek Philosophy were some of the themed highlights that our guests had the chance to live. An unforgettable journey into Greece’s culture and historical marvels. 

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At Celestyal Cruises, we are well aware of how much our guests enjoy having fun the Greek way. This is why, last summer, we created the “Stories of Greek Summer Festival”. A unique series of themed cruises that embraced the genuine Greek spirit and passion for life, under the sounds of traditional and modern music, live shows and parties. Our guests danced, sung and experienced the authentic Greek way of life. An unforgettable journey packed with fun, excitement and full of laughter. 

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Last year, Celestyal Cruises prepared a series of mouth-watering themed cruises based on Greek enogastronomy. Our guests had the chance to discover the secrets of Greek cuisine, its local products and flavours, as well as some of the most exquisite wines and spirits of our region. A unique Greek culinary journey full of aroma and local delicacies specially curated by world class Greek chefs. 

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