6 Reasons Why Cruise Vacations are Perfect for Solo Travelers

Do you like the idea of traveling solo but are a little scared to go it alone? A solo cruise could be the perfect solution for you.


Whether you’re thinking about taking the first step in traveling solo or you want to go on vacation but you don’t have anyone to travel with, you’ll be pleased to know that cruises are perfectly suited to solo travelers and are great for easing you into traveling alone. More and more people are choosing to cruise solo, and having the opportunity to do what they want is the most common reason why these people prefer to sail by themselves. But that’s not the only reason. Here are our top 6 reasons to consider a cruise as a solo traveler. 

Say goodbye to stressful planning

When it comes to planning a trip involving multiple destinations, there’s a lot to organize, such as how you’ll travel to each destination, booking transfers, which hotels you’ll stay at and where you’ll eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. But a cruise comes with a ready-made itinerary, which means you can travel solo without the hassle of doing lots of planning and research. You never need to switch hotels, you’ll have plenty of dining options on your ship and you can take excursions that allow you to see the best of each destination you visit. As a cruise takes most of the planning off your hands, you can focus on relaxing and having a great time on your solo adventure. 

Plenty of opportunities to meet new people

Just because you’re traveling solo it doesn’t mean you have to be alone the whole time you’re on vacation. Cruise ships provide a safe and fun environment to meet new people and like-minded individuals, and there is an amazing choice of sociable and exciting activities to keep you and your fellow cruisers entertained both on land and on board the vessel. The restaurants, lounges and bars on your floating hotel are also fabulous places to get chatting to people and make new friends. It’s so easy to meet new people on a cruise, and you’ll probably be surprised by how many solo travelers you’ll meet during your voyage. 

You can be alone for as long as you wish

If your reason for traveling solo is because you want to spend some quality time with yourself, you’ll have no trouble finding spaces of solitude on a cruise ship. Cruising is a non-judgemental way for you to take a break and explore new destinations without being pressured into any social situations. One of the great things about cruising is that it offers you flexibility, enabling you to be alone or sociable only when you want to be. It’s your vacation and you can do whatever you wish, be it lounging by the swimming pool, keeping fit at the on board gym or reading a book whilst sipping cocktails. 

See each destination your way

While traveling with friends or family is a great experience, there’s no denying that solo travel gives you more freedom to do exactly what you want to do. You usually have to compromise on a few things when you travel with others to make sure everyone has a good time, but when you go it alone you can see each destination on your own terms and enjoy experiences you might otherwise miss. Traveling solo is an excellent way to push you out of your comfort zone and enable you to see what you really love without the influence of anyone else. 

Cruise ships offer an abundance of entertainment options

If you’ve ever spent the night alone in a hotel in an unfamiliar destination, you’ll probably know how daunting it can be to venture out onto the streets for some dinner or evening entertainment when you’re all by yourself. But you don’t have to worry about that when you choose to cruise solo. Cruises offer a safe and secure environment with lots of activities and excursions, as well as a variety of restaurants, lounges and bars. Each of our ships also has a casino and some fantastic evening entertainment on board, from karaoke and discos to live music and a selection of live shows. And if you want to explore any of the ports of call when darkness falls but you don’t want to wander around on your own, you can either take a shore excursion with some fellow cruisers or make your own arrangements with the new friends you make around the ship. 

You can embrace some much needed ‘me time’

Taking some valuable time out can benefit both your personal and professional life, and a cruise will enable you to treat yourself to some indulgent ‘me time’ in the spa. You may prefer to take a language lesson, get your hair cut or relax in the hot tub, just some of the choices available to you on a cruise. Most of us spend a lot of our time catering to the needs of other people, and we very rarely make it onto our own list of priorities. But when you travel solo, you can switch off, recharge those batteries and be self-indulgent because you call all the shots and you have no one else to please but yourself.  

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