Celebrate the Moments

Our cruise vacations are all about treating yourself to something extra special, so on board you’ll find a whole range of services that you can purchase in addition to your inclusive cruise package. Whether you want to celebrate a special moment with your loved one or spend quality family time together, you’ll find exactly what you need on board.

Champagnes & Sparkling Wines

Get your Sparkle On

Nothing compliments happiness like a touch of luxury. From a sparkling wake up to drinking champagne under the stars, we have you covered.


Champagnes & Sparkling Wines
The palate is complex with a high concentration of ginger bread and vanilla flavours. 
The bubbles form a delicate ring of fine foam. The subtle and delicate bouquet reveals the delightful aromas of yellow peaches and dried apricots. The entry is smooth and creamy, yet very crisp.
Pinot blanc with a fresh, fine and fruity aroma. Has an elegant fruity and well balanced taste. Pale yellow with green tints. Plenty delicate bubbles.