Port Said (Egypt)

Flickers of monumental maritime past and entry point into the Suez Canal, Port Said is your final port of call in Egypt.

A colonial port on the Mediterranean coast.

Sitting on Egypt’s Mediterranean coastline, Port Said is your last stop after an excursion into Cairo. A stroll along the Corniche before you re-embark your cruise will reveal the city’s maritime prowess and power. And with faded 19th century colonial consulates and mansion houses lining the entry into the mighty Suez Canal, you can’t help but stop and stare at the activity, noise and sounds around you.
Meanwhile, the historic center urges you along into its waves of commotion with locals shopping and selling in the bustling bazaar and new boutiques springing up next to the old. The National Military Museum gives an insight into the canal’s history, while the sandy beach bedecked with parasols and deckchairs seems a world away from the unrelenting action in the water.
The face of Port Said is ever-evolving, yet its heart remains true to its maritime past and present. A fitting grand finale to your time in Egypt.
The most important landmark in Port Said is one that your eye will be drawn to as soon as you arrive. Piercing the sky above the rest of the buildings at 56 meters tall, the octagonal lighthouse was built in 1869 to help guide boats into the Suez Canal. It’s still as iconic today.
Lying on the western outskirts of Port Said is the Commonwealth War Graves with burials from both World War I and World War II. Its location between the Mediterranean Sea and Lake Manzala lays testament to Port Said’s strategic use as a hospital center during the wars, receiving casualties from Gallipoli, Egypt and Palestine.
Wandering along the pedestrianized walkway, which snakes its way along the waterfront, transports you into Port Said’s glamorous yesteryear. Watch in awe as huge ships negotiate their way into the canal, and remember to look inland to spot once-decadent colonial buildings reminiscent of Europe by your side.

Note: the excursion begins from Alexandria and finishes in Port Said

Built by Egypt’s pharaohs 4,500 years ago, the Giza Pyramids are a testament of time. Their elaborate burial complexes are just one layer of the story, and as you wander around highly-decorated tombs, you’ll get a glimpse into life in ancient Egypt. Further down the valley, the oldest known monumental sculpture, the Great Sphinx of Giza, evokes legends and superstitions passed down from generation to generation.

A timeless waterway of pharaohs, queens and nobles, a Nile cruise offers a taste of some of the ever-changing landscapes the world’s longest river runs through. It flows through the very heart of Cairo and lets you see the city from a different perspective – away from the crowds. Watch the skyline unfold, from dazzlingly-high skyscrapers to bridges and promenades filled with evening strollers.

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